When my family sleeps I have ETSY orders to fill. For example:
One of my brave customers wrote me an email with the specific

information on what she wanted included in the composition:

"... my husband is a mechanic...His passion is his 1970 Plymouth Road Runner
(can we get that in there somehow? It is vitamin c orange) and our dogs
Sampson- 2 yr old male pit-bull who is white with tan spots and blue eyes and loves all toys
 Cocoa-A rescued pit bull is a red-nosed dog whose passion is food, lol!
My 5 month old son who is a dream...his favorite toy is a frog that hangs on his car seat.
Me...mom and wife...making many changes in my life so do not have a specific profession
but can always be caught dressed with jeans, my favorite cowboy boots...
.I love bags that have long straps to cross over my body, but am currently sporting a tan with red
gingham diaper bag....Let me know if anything else is needed! Thank you!"

I had just TOO much fun designing it and making it!
Thank God for suh brave customers!

EVERYONE who knows me is aware that I am in love with ETSY --- YOUR PLACE TO BUY AND SELL ALL THINGS HANDMADE. It is bad enough that I have two stores there, I am also a customer. For some reason I am buying lots of jewelry. But being a professional designer I am way picky. The jewelry HAS to be different from traditional and ordinary. I would like to share with you what I loved so much I HAD TO HAVE IT! And also introduce absolutely lovely artisans who created them. 

On e of my favorite things to wear is a very long necklace made out of abalone shells buttons. I bought at STELMA DESIGNS.  I love it because I can wear it long, in 2 layers or in 3 layers wrapping it around my neck. This design is double sided and flat—great to wear under winter coats and heavy jackets, because round beads would hurt your skin under such garments.  I just love this necklace. And the colors of this sumptuous necklace are full of rainbow shine, that only dark mother of pearl shell might have. 

A woman has to have a matching set of earrings.  Not too matchy-matchy.
I have found a unique pair I HAD have at Quenchmetalworks.

These earrings are totally different from any I have ever seen before. They are made out of the same color abalone shell as my new necklace, plus sterling silver .However, this time they are made out of the boot buttons with a single hole. I love my new earrings.
Hello dear Blog. I missed you a lot. In case anybody has been worried about my prolonged silence, rest easy friends.  I have been crazy busy! My freelance job is a booming business right now. I am creating absolutely breathtaking jewelry objects for a good variety of well known stores and designer names. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share this information or any of my drawings, because they are ALWAYS TOP SECTERT in such small and intimate industry such as jewelry and accessories world.  I have to ask permission to show the published pieces that were designed by me.  

A couple of weeks ago, when the weather was still quite warm in
The Garden State, my family and I spent a lovely day at the Van
Saun Park Zoo. The day was too perfect to be true, and as I
always say something ought to happen (remember in my earlier
entry, our perfect vacation at Wildwood, and the very first 5 minutes
back at home my 2.5 year old smashed our 52” TV?). Yes, just like
 that. So we are at the park enjoying a perfection of a day; we walk
 through the grassy patch; I wear my cute sandals; I get stung by
 a bee into my big toe. Stung FIRST TIME IN MY 36 years!
As they say, there is always time to try new things for the first time,
but I do not recommend that one. I used an “F” word real loud several
 times, and now both my kids know it well…Well, at least they
learned it from their mom, not on the street…Actually technically
 from their mom on the street...  Then I realized how lucky I am
because the bee bit me into an especially tough callus skin and its
stinger did not penetrate deep at all, so I removed it out of my poor
toe right away. The bee was not as lucky. As you know after a bee
stings it dies. And my bee had the end of its career announced
first by me stepping on it.  Poor bee, it did not even really hurt me. 
So it inspired me to make something in memory of My Bee,
therefore its end was not in vain.

I made cutie earrings out of black and orange glass beads.
I call them My Bee. They are #2 here.

Here you can see that other artists were inspired by bees,
I wonder why?...
1.  By WonkyRocket  "A WonkyBee named Murphy" - Tote Bag 
2. By Maria Farber "My Bee" - Earrings

3. By JewlieBeads "Tutorial for Wire Wrapped Bumble Bee Pendant"-Tutorial



4. By Empireofcolor "Wotto Bee Pocket in Lime" - Pocket


Buy SOFIA necklace and get one pair of earrings FREE!
Choose one pair of earrings from the two that are shown below.

This beautiful necklace makes a striking fashion statement. It is one of a kind, (I never reproduce any of my designs) no one else will have one just like this one.

Made of the best semiprecious and precious natural materials such as: Dalminster Jasper, Red Jasper, Black Onyx, Bali Sterling Silver.
The beads on the necklace are strung on a 7 strand steel Beadalon wire.
All metal parts are Sterling Silver.
Necklace size:

Inner loop around the neck is 21 (53.3cm)

The largest, 3rd loop is 23 (58.5cm)

MARICHIK Artisan Studio ArtFire Buy & Sell Handmade

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The 100th person who "HEARTS" my shop (you will have to register on ETSY to participate, it is free!) will get a free surprise custom made present and a 25% DISCOUNT on ANY item from this store! 
The winner will be announced right away 
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and here my blog!

The other day My 2.5 year old made me buy Dora Explorer Bubble Bath soap. At home my 8 year old protested that this is a girly soap, why couldn’t I get Diego soap?! Well, soap is soap, right? Anyway, later in the evening, my 2.5 year old used up half the bottle during his bath time, and while I was not looking, his older brother used the other half. The amounts of suds that the girly–Dora soap produced could have washed our school district, and the outskirts. To make a long story short, when finally I put them both to bed, and got rid of all foamy patches all over their bathroom, I went downstairs. And what did I see there? A downstairs toilet that looks like that beer mug over here with all that  foam from the upstairs bathtub! Except not that enticing...

On July 25, 2009 my other Pomegranate Earrings were featured on ETSY TREASURY!!!! By Kate
I am so grateful, because it was my first sale! Thank you Kate!!!! 

If you like me love pomegranates but hate cleaning it so you do not bother to buy it? Here is a tip for you:
Fill up a bowl with cold water, precut the skin in five different places, place the fruit inside the bowl and open it under the water. All the lovely red kernels will float up, and no splashes of juice in your face!