When my family sleeps I have ETSY orders to fill. For example:
One of my brave customers wrote me an email with the specific

information on what she wanted included in the composition:

"... my husband is a mechanic...His passion is his 1970 Plymouth Road Runner
(can we get that in there somehow? It is vitamin c orange) and our dogs
Sampson- 2 yr old male pit-bull who is white with tan spots and blue eyes and loves all toys
 Cocoa-A rescued pit bull is a red-nosed dog whose passion is food, lol!
My 5 month old son who is a dream...his favorite toy is a frog that hangs on his car seat.
Me...mom and wife...making many changes in my life so do not have a specific profession
but can always be caught dressed with jeans, my favorite cowboy boots...
.I love bags that have long straps to cross over my body, but am currently sporting a tan with red
gingham diaper bag....Let me know if anything else is needed! Thank you!"

I had just TOO much fun designing it and making it!
Thank God for suh brave customers!
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