EVERYONE who knows me is aware that I am in love with ETSY --- YOUR PLACE TO BUY AND SELL ALL THINGS HANDMADE. It is bad enough that I have two stores there, I am also a customer. For some reason I am buying lots of jewelry. But being a professional designer I am way picky. The jewelry HAS to be different from traditional and ordinary. I would like to share with you what I loved so much I HAD TO HAVE IT! And also introduce absolutely lovely artisans who created them. 

On e of my favorite things to wear is a very long necklace made out of abalone shells buttons. I bought at STELMA DESIGNS.  I love it because I can wear it long, in 2 layers or in 3 layers wrapping it around my neck. This design is double sided and flat—great to wear under winter coats and heavy jackets, because round beads would hurt your skin under such garments.  I just love this necklace. And the colors of this sumptuous necklace are full of rainbow shine, that only dark mother of pearl shell might have. 

A woman has to have a matching set of earrings.  Not too matchy-matchy.
I have found a unique pair I HAD have at Quenchmetalworks.

These earrings are totally different from any I have ever seen before. They are made out of the same color abalone shell as my new necklace, plus sterling silver .However, this time they are made out of the boot buttons with a single hole. I love my new earrings.
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