The other day My 2.5 year old made me buy Dora Explorer Bubble Bath soap. At home my 8 year old protested that this is a girly soap, why couldn’t I get Diego soap?! Well, soap is soap, right? Anyway, later in the evening, my 2.5 year old used up half the bottle during his bath time, and while I was not looking, his older brother used the other half. The amounts of suds that the girly–Dora soap produced could have washed our school district, and the outskirts. To make a long story short, when finally I put them both to bed, and got rid of all foamy patches all over their bathroom, I went downstairs. And what did I see there? A downstairs toilet that looks like that beer mug over here with all that  foam from the upstairs bathtub! Except not that enticing...

4 Responses
  1. Coach Jenny Says:

    this is brilliant! boy, you are on a roll! keep bringing these treasures!

  2. Magpie Says:

    Oh my gosh, more is better, right? Your kids sound like squeaky-clean cuties!
    Maggie :)

  3. glasfaden Says:

    LOL with kids life will never be boring, isn't it? ^_^

  4. Yeah, kids are fun and funny.