A couple of weeks ago, when the weather was still quite warm in
The Garden State, my family and I spent a lovely day at the Van
Saun Park Zoo. The day was too perfect to be true, and as I
always say something ought to happen (remember in my earlier
entry, our perfect vacation at Wildwood, and the very first 5 minutes
back at home my 2.5 year old smashed our 52” TV?). Yes, just like
 that. So we are at the park enjoying a perfection of a day; we walk
 through the grassy patch; I wear my cute sandals; I get stung by
 a bee into my big toe. Stung FIRST TIME IN MY 36 years!
As they say, there is always time to try new things for the first time,
but I do not recommend that one. I used an “F” word real loud several
 times, and now both my kids know it well…Well, at least they
learned it from their mom, not on the street…Actually technically
 from their mom on the street...  Then I realized how lucky I am
because the bee bit me into an especially tough callus skin and its
stinger did not penetrate deep at all, so I removed it out of my poor
toe right away. The bee was not as lucky. As you know after a bee
stings it dies. And my bee had the end of its career announced
first by me stepping on it.  Poor bee, it did not even really hurt me. 
So it inspired me to make something in memory of My Bee,
therefore its end was not in vain.

I made cutie earrings out of black and orange glass beads.
I call them My Bee. They are #2 here.

Here you can see that other artists were inspired by bees,
I wonder why?...
1.  By WonkyRocket  "A WonkyBee named Murphy" - Tote Bag 
2. By Maria Farber "My Bee" - Earrings

3. By JewlieBeads "Tutorial for Wire Wrapped Bumble Bee Pendant"-Tutorial



4. By Empireofcolor "Wotto Bee Pocket in Lime" - Pocket


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  1. glasfaden Says:

    Glad, you didn't react on the bee stung (and about the F-word.. sometimes it simply must said if the situation is like that, mustn't it? ;)). Lovely creations!