Having a family full of men, means lots of laundry. I spend a lot of time in my little laundry room. At some point I started to hate every minute of it. So I made a demolition movement on a circular direction all around the room, after which I had to fix the walls, spackle, sand, paint, hang some state of the art shelving from The Container Store (LOVE IT!!) , and organize everything in the beautiful organizer baskets- PINK! Did it all myself. All that labor made my artistic juices flow free; it could also be the Feng Shui of a clean pretty laundry room, I do not know. Anyway, I set down and made an Origami composition “Two on Line”. Then it progressed to “Three on Line”, “Family Line”. Well, you ‘v got the idea. This way I have naturally progressed to open an ETSY shop where I make one of a kind custom made shadow boxes for any size family.            http://www.marichik.etsy.com.

Now apparently Laundry Day is quite universal and inspiring enough that other artists express themselves on the subject. I find it refreshing and comforting that I am not alone in the world doing that mundane, but necessary common house chore. Here is my favorite Laundry Day by Nina ARTQUIRK. I love the simple English colorless houses and confetti of a line wash like a jeweled necklace pleasing the eye:

The next artist Caro SIXHOURS reflects my feeling exactly. I am sure a lot of us have been there. 

God bless the laundress!

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  1. glasfaden Says:

    Beautiful work, Maria! I love esp. the skirts :)