Writing this entry from a vacation spot, our favorite getaway Wildwood NJ. We are only five miles from Cape May – the very southern spot of the Garden State. My family comes here almost every year. Who am I kidding?! Sometimes two times a year; and of course, we have been here so many times that we do not remember how many and now we consider it home. The beach is clean and beautiful. The sand is white and powdery. The ocean is shallow for a very long stretch this time. But we counted at least five layers of wave approach the shore. We arrived here around 4 pm. Unpacked, and ran to the beach without changing into bathing suits. I thought we could walk along the shore like the true civilized people. But when you have eight and two year old boys you have to remember to forget civilization all together. On the way back from the beach our family looked the following way: two dry adults, an eight year old boy with his shorts suspiciously soaked half way, and a two and a half year old boy in diapers so full of ocean water that they finally dropped to the ground. Thank goodness the hotel is right on the beach.
It is 9 35 PM now. All my boys went to sleep in one bedroom while I type this. The little one is singing so loud one Russian song “We don’t care! We don’t care that we are rabbits and afraid of woolf and owl!” His brother and my husband are screaming: “Mom! Take him away! He does not let us sleep!!! Mom can you give him Benadryl so he sleeps?” “NO!!!”
I just love vacations with my family. Cannot wait to get back home.
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